Final Outcome Thoughts

At the start of the project I wanted to do a 3D environment as my final outcome.  When going through the project, I started to realise how hard and resource heavy making a 3D environment would be so I started to think about making the environment in a 3D Modelling program such as Cinema 4D.

The main problem with using Cinema 4D is that I have near to no experience with it and using this for my final outcome would not go well.

I then, after looking at posters and game covers, looked at promotional posters for games/movies etc. I want to do this for my final outcome because in a promotional poster I can fit everything that the game has to offer on to a A1 size poster.

Image result for movie poster photograph in the cinema

Example of final outcome.

I feel like creating a promotional poster instead of game cover artwork because I think that with a poster you can fit more on it and entice the audience with it more than you can with a game cover. With a poster you can have more hints and Easter eggs on there to persuade the audience to buy the game or pre-order the game. A game cover is used for on the shelf purchase which can make people buy the game but a poster, in my eyes, can show more expression for the game.


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