Reflective Post: 28th of March 2017

In Mandy’s lesson I continued with my initial concept drawings and I finished annotating all my work to this point. I will continue with annotating my work as I do it so when it comes to my evaluation at the end of the 8 weeks I already know what to put down for most of it.

In Yvonne’s and Sarah’s lesson we had a special guest speaker in called Elliot Woods and he works for a TV Network so he is knowledgeable in the specialism we are in. Elliot helped me figure out what I need to do with my game to give it some flavour and background. I have started to make a story for my game and a reason why all this is happening. Elliot said that I have to always ask why?

Tomorrow I want to continue with some initial designs but more detailed and coloured versions of them. I also want to create a timeline for my story to make the game flow.

I also need to create my Bibliography and add all my references to that and keep on doing that throughout the project.


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